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about Me

I am a successful, serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated four businesses over the last 16 years with another 3 in the ideation and formation stages. I was raised by a single father who taught me to follow me heart to reach my goals. Today, I strive to prove that through commitment (and good old-fashioned hard work), anything is possible. Impacting women and children is my passion and therefore the focus of all of my businesses. While serving hundreds of thousands of people, I have employed hundreds of women in my businesses and am currently focused on empowering women through speaking, educating, mentoring and consulting. I am driven every day to create opportunities for people to be the best they can be surrounding their own passions through my talents, expertise, mentorship and passions as well.

Currently, my Lisa Live seminars provide education and support for women in small businesses surrounding the topics of financial management, building revenue, time management - both personally and professionally, accountability, goal setting and how to be the best version of YOU. I am also a "recovering" certified public accountant who, in the past, provided CFO outsourcing to small businesses in the Denver-Metro area. I live in Greenwood Village, Colorado with my husband Chris and our two boys, JD and Chase and our dogs, Dax and Zoey. As a perpetual student in life, in my free time I read, read and read some more.


My primary aim in life is to make a positive, lasting impression on all of the people who surround me by my commitment to happiness, health and success.

Because of this, I work hard to create a real impact on people’s lives through my speaking and coaching. I help people realize that with guts, grit and heart, people can ultimately realize their unique “BEST” for themselves personally and professionally.