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I speak nationally to groups of all sizes for women’s leadership, entrepreneurial conferences, community events, and other educational environments. My drive, energy, and directness are refreshing in my presentations surrounding my experiences in life and in business.



"The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next."

— Michael Gerber

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 A guide to living "full out"

Would you like to learn how to live to your full potential? Do you sometimes feel alone in the world even when you are surrounded by so many people? Do you feel like you give, give and give and don't get a lot in return? Do you think you could be more?  Join Lisa Pevateaux, veteran entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two as she shares personal stories to help you to discover the best version of YOU and remind you why that is of utmost importance. Lisa defines the concepts of the words - BEST, TRUE and SELF to uncover universal truths for you to consider to elevate your own life.


How to not do it all and still get it all done. Do you ever feel like there is just too much to do in your workplace? Have you ever asked someone to do something for you and they failed to meet your expectations? Are you tired of following up with people who haven't done something you asked them to do? Join Lisa Pevateaux, veteran entrepreneur of three successful businesses with over 40 staff, to gain tools to be more efficient and learn how to create a team that grows through independence and accountability to you, to each other and to the business. 


10 Steps to Fuel Growth. Join Lisa while she teaches a 10-step process to apply to your small business to increase revenue and overall financial health. The process can be applied to new programming, products, and services as well as revamping existing offerings to bring new energy to the marketplace in any industry. 


Have you ever wished you had more money coming into your business? As business owners, we sometimes take a smaller paycheck than we want, can't pay for unexpected cost, and don't have much savings for our futures. Join Lisa Pevateaux, 17-year multiple business owner, CPA and entrepreneur to learn how to create and price new offerings and programs to boost your overall business revenue outside of your existing line of business


We, as entrepreneurs often come up with an idea, keep our heads down to do our work and then move on to the next project quickly without really understanding how well we did. Did we make money? Should we do that again? Should we change anything to make more profit? Join Lisa Pevateaux (multiple dance studio owner of 17 years, CPA, entrepreneur) where she will answer questions like these and give you tools to make better business and financial decisions.


How to be the boss of your 24 hours. Do you often find yourself spent at the end of a really long day not feeling like you have accomplished much, if anything? Do you make "to do" lists and never get it all done? Do you wonder how you can really move the needle toward success in your career and in your personal life? Join Lisa, as she shares her formula for prioritizing her calendar items to protect what is most valuable in our lives, time. You can't get it back, so make sure to check out her tools to protect this valuable commodity and get everything important done while staying sane. 


From Concept - through Commitment - to Currency. Lisa Pevateaux, entrepreneur with 3 successful business and founder of a non-profit organization over the last 17 years, provides you with tools to strengthen your business from the inside out in order to foster and encourage growth and overall health for you, your staff and the financial state of your business. Step by step, this breakout will be well worth your time because you will walk away with a game plan to make a solid difference in your business. 


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Your Best True Self


Is Time Running Out?


Building Revenue